Your Legacy

Foundational Phase #6

What is Your Legacy?

“A wise man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children.” – King Solomon  

Since this is the case, we really have to approach one’s legacy from more than one angle. We have a Kingdom mandate to teach others who in turn teach others thus creating a culture that establishes a community! So in pondering the legacy that we are establishing or not establishing, we cannot just look at it from a monetary standpoint, even though that is of importance also. Just think of the countless lottery winners who come into a large amount of money, and squander it in a matter of a few years or even months!

What would it profit your family to gain an inheritance and not have the knowledge or responsibility to handle the weight that accompanies such a gift! We see families torn apart from arguments and even fights over what the deceased has left behind. How do we prevent such tragedies in our circles of influence? Who can we trust to continue the work that we have established? Or have we even established a work for those select few to carry on in the first place? All of these are questions of legacy.

It all comes full circle to the establishment of one’s purpose and vision, which looks beyond what the eyes can see, to what could be, being bigger than ones-self could ever accomplish during their lifetime only. Just consider Walt Disney’s wife, when they cut the ribbon to open up Walt Disney World, the comment was made by someone that they wish Walt could of seen the completion of his project which was the theme park. Mrs. Disney stated that it was ok, because Walt had already seen it before they even broke ground at the construction site! Walt Disney was a man of vision, but also a man who has left a legacy that children and families all over the world identify and cherish as an awesome experience creating memories that last a lifetime!

As leaders we have to make a conscious decision as to what our legacy is going to be, who it will passed on to, and how it will transition to them in the most effective manner when our time on this earth has come to a close. Preservation of your estate is often neglected, and when done it is left exposed to probate fees, enormous estate taxes, final expenses, income taxes, as well any outstanding debt that one has incurred! So after a lifetime of laboring for the betterment of our families and the causes that we support, why would we leave them in such a predicament without strategically planning for a smooth execution that transfers wealth, companies and estates?

Then again we also have to approach legacy from an impartation standpoint; meaning the out pouring of our gifts and talents in order to train the next generate, in a sense passing the baton so they can continue the journey which is our legacy!

As I’ve stated in my previous books, the wealthiest place on this planet is not the gold mines, diamond mines, oil wells, or silver mines of the earth, but the cemetery. Why? Because buried in the graveyard are dreams and visions that were never fulfilled, books that were never written, paintings that were never painted, songs that were never sung, and ideas that died as ideas. What a tragedy, the wealth of the cemetery.

I wonder how many thousands, perhaps millions, of people will be poorer because they cannot benefit from the awesome wealth of the treasure of your potential (i.e. legacy): the books you have neglected to write, the songs you have failed to compose, or the inventions you continue to postpone. Perhaps there are millions who need the ministry or business you have yet to establish. You must maximize your life for the sake of the future. The next generation needs your potential (i.e. legacy).

- Dr. Myles Munroe

So let’s continue forward and learn what it takes to accomplish the tasks to set into motion a smooth transition among our passing. Proper planning prevents unintended and detrimental results and takes care of your family while you’re alive, as well as after going on.  


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