Foundational Phase #2

Relationships are another very important key to Kingdom Success! As we move forward to the next phase in Kingdom Success Marketing, let us take a true inventory of the word “relationship” assessing the dynamic of its purpose in our lives.

Relationships span from family, friend, to significant other, mentor, client, co-worker, etc. It is extremely important to gain even more incite into the various relationships that are inevitable during this life. It is our goal to expose you to some Kingdom Success principles as it relates to the next phase in establishing the foundation to a lifestyle that fulfills your destiny!

It is a Kingdom principle to have wise council in your corner! As a leader we are called to have dominion, and dominion denotes royalty. Therefore as Kings and Queens we are each to have our own castles! Well, as leaders our castle is our support system. The book, “The Power of Focus” calls it The Fortress and states:

“It’s like building a championship football or hockey team. Each player has a role to play, and the team is only as good as its weakest member. The team is molded by the coach. He or she is at the center of the action. The combination of uniquely gifted team players and a coach who can create and implement a successful game plan produces triumphant winners.

Consider yourself as the coach. Two major questions you need to address at this point in your life are, “Who is on my team?” and “Do they perform at the level I require to achieve my dreams and goals?”

As Kings and Queens its time to take a more proactive and concerted effort to assess and/or build/re-build our castle so that we can move forward to the Kingdom Success that is ours! It is our castle (which is our support group) that is comprised of certain sections that strategically need to be assembled and dispatched in order to fulfill each of our destinies!

This phase is dedicated to the building, assessment, maintenance, and success in each of the areas that are essential to the makeup of an awesome castle on the crux to Kingdom Success. So let us begin the establishment of a castle fortified!  


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