A Wealth Of Potential

The Discovery of Hidden Treasure


Born into slavery in Missouri and orphaned as an infant this young man took to the plants and developed a thirst for education. Upon moving off of the plantation, he was subjected to a lonely life of poverty and racism, trying to work to pay for school and even denied education after acceptance when his race was discovered. Finally saving enough to go to college he eventually ended up studying horticulture at Iowa State Agriculture College. After receiving his Masters degree he was then offered a position at the Tuskegee Institute with famous educator Booker T. Washington, and it was there where he discovered his purpose in life was to help a former slave population become self sustaining through farming. His name was George Washington Carver.

George Washington Carver was a man that knew the “Wealth of Potential,” who took a seemingly insignificant crop called the peanut, and discovered over 300 hidden treasures within it, as well as hundreds of treasures from sweet potatoes, soybeans, and pecans too! Treasures that span from the creation and/or improvements to/for adhesives, axle grease, bleach, buttermilk, chili sauce, bio-fuel, ink, instant coffee, mayonnaise, meat tenderizer, medal polish, paper, plastic, pavement, shaving cream, rubber, wood stain, and the list goes on!

George could have easily let the trials and obstacles of his early life keep him from the uncovering of the awesome treasure find which was his very life itself! He could have given up and subjected himself to a life of self-pity and lowly existence of mediocrity and unfulfilled dreams; but he chose not to, and went about an intense search for knowledge becoming known as, “having a burning zeal to know everything!”       

Now let’s think about ourselves! Everyone can identify with the youthful desire to find that which they cherish as their ultimate treasures, be it their dreams, aspirations or goals in life. Everyone can also identify with the fade of these desires as ones age increases, be it ourselves or the countless friends or acquaintances of the past. Imagine a high school reunion where we run into the star athletes and scholars of old, only to see they have become a disappointment of the present, still holding on to their historical accomplishments. Today they are lost in a state of stressful mediocrity, wading in the waters of lacking purpose, surrounded by a school of piranha eating away at their drive to become great!

This innate drive to become great is called our “Wealth of Potential!” We grow up thinking that nothing is impossible, only to be beat up by a society that wishes to destroy our hidden treasure called potential, and conform it to the status of the masses which are untapped treasure mines, waiting to be dug up, dusted off, and polished to shine the brightness which was always there to begin with!

Now, to embark on understanding potential we must first go to our manufacturer to find out how we are to function and attain the authentic purpose that we are born to embrace. In seeking out the purpose of an item’s design, it behooves the individual to seek out the designer. Hence, in searching for our purpose while living this life we have been created to have, it is of absolute consequence to search for our purpose from the very source that created us.  

Next, in order to successfully share our potential with the world we must know the tools that we have access to and also maintain the proper environment for our seeds of greatness (or hidden potential) to succeed in growth! We also cannot dig up, dust off, and polish our found treasure without embracing the mandate of work, which is sadly a lost priority to many of the population that have not and will not truly reach their potential.

Did you know that scientists have discovered that humans only use a small portion of the most awesome computer known to mankind which is our brain? If we fathom this fact alone, it is impossible to deny the reality that potential is the fabric of our very being. As well as understanding that whatever accomplishments we have attained in the past, our potential is above and beyond anything that we have done. Our current position in life is just that, a position. We cannot let who, what, and where we are today prevent us from becoming more tomorrow than we are today!

We have to maximize our potential once we have discovered and released it. We cannot be comfortable with the achievements of old, and rest on our rewards!

George Washington Carver only applied for 3 patents, meaning he did not profit from most of his products! And when he was asked to work with inventor Thomas Edison for a salary of more than $100,000 a year (almost a million per year today), he declined so that he could continue his research on behalf of his countrymen giving it to them freely. "God gave them to me" he said about his ideas, "How can I sell them to someone else?" In 1940, Carver donated his life savings in order to establish the Carver Research Foundation at Tuskegee, for continuing research in agricultural field. Along with also being a painter, a musician and a sewer, George Washington Carver is the ultimate example of discovering our own hidden treasure, “The Wealth of Potential!”

Therefore it is essential to develop, hone, and act upon this potential to reach the hidden treasure that lies within, regardless of obstacles, setbacks, mistakes, disappointments, etc. We have a duty to add to the world the fullness of our gifts, and not rob it of the solutions that only each of us individually can provide!
Dr. Munroe states:

Everything in life was created with potential and possesses the potential principle. In every seed there is a tree… in every bird a flock… in every fish a school… in every cow a herd… in every boy a man… in every girl a woman… in every nation a generation. Tragedy strikes when a tree dies in a seed, a man in a boy, a woman in a girl, an idea in a mind. For untold millions, visions die unseen, songs die unsung, plans die unexecuted and futures die buried in the past. The problems of our world go un-answered because potential remains buried.


Therefore let us dig up and discover our hidden treasures and find the wealth of our potential! Click Here to find out more about, Understanding, Releasing & Maximizing Your Potential Series by Dr. Munroe as it leads us along our path to the next step!


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