Who's In Charge? Is It YOU?


Do you feel like you’ve lost the direction that your life is headed? Are you procrastinating on making decisions that need to be made? Does it seem like you are spreading yourself thin on a lot of different tasks? Do conflicts in your life seem to drag on? Is your willingness to perform low? Is your overall production becoming less? And do you find that the success you yearn for is increasingly difficult?

The answer to all of the above questions have been yes at one time or another when a truthful inventory of our lives have been pondered; and even still it may be yes on multiple fronts right now! But the solution to the above stated issues is clearly the understanding and cultivating requirement of “Leadership” and the sense of being, “In Charge!”

So why are we stuck in a world where fear, distrust, compromise, selfishness, greed, anger, abuse, and even violence and war are a part of the fabric that our society maintains its being? It is the lack of leadership, and the development of our natural born responsibility that is leadership itself! There is a leader that is within each of us that wants and needs to be developed, yet the sad fact is that only a substantially low number of us will ever realize and materialize the task of leadership that is before us!

Is it thoughts of the current position that is held, that causes us to neglect the development of our inner leader? Or maybe it is the pressure of leading others and following those that lead us?

Upon the realization that it could be a host of things, without assumption we must first re-affirm the critical FACT that INSIDE YOU is a LEADER that you where made and destined to become! And it starts with adding value to the LEADER that you ALREADY ARE!

The initial incubation of a leader starts when an individual finds, realizes, and establishes their gift(s)! Which is the exciting passions that drive and envelop you, giving you the desire to become great, which in turn makes you uniquely valuable. To know what your gifts are, one has to endure a period of self-analysis and discovery. Your gift(s) is your “brand” and is distinctly yours. By developing it, enhancing it, and sharing it with the world, you will then become great! Your gift will illicit the law of attraction and the world will come to you for it!

So what is leadership all about?

First and foremost leadership involves service! The leader adds value to people by way of serving them with their gift! What we generally fail to realize is that leadership has little to do with others serving the leader, but the leader is to serve the people!

However, you also don’t want to wait until you reach a certain level to begin your service to others with your gift! Go out an speak NOW, help others with that service, perform that melody, take out the trash, lead by example, do what it takes and SERVE! Do it whenever you can! Start by giving away your gift or information, help others, build and establish relationships, practice and develop it.   

I want you to IMAGINE yourself fully realized as the leader you were created to be! See yourself providing what only you can to those in need of what it is that you have to offer! Experience the feeling you get by adding value to the lives of the many individuals and families that you positively affect! Imagine waking up and living out a day in the life of the “realized you,“ from the house you live in to the clothes you wear, car you drive, but most importantly the people you serve an influence and the change that you make in our world!

Every moment that we neglect the cultivation, growth, and development of the leader that lurks within us, making us better tomorrow than the leader we are TODAY, is a DELAY (and in some cases a TOTAL LOSS) of the HARVEST that comes from realizing who we are, and what we are to become, that goes along with such an accomplishment as an inherent principle!

Points to Remember!

• Everyone of us were created to lead! • We all have potential in leadership! • Inside of every follower is a caged Leader that is roaring to be unleashed! • We are all born to lead, but most will die only as followers! • The destiny of our leadership fulfills the needs of our world! (meaning we each have a unique gift in leadership than fulfills a need that only we can meet)

There are “7 Principles of Servant Leadership”, and “10 Keys to Becoming a Leader” that you must follow and develop!  You can find out more about them in the book, “In Charge: Finding the Leader Within You” by Myles Munroe who says,

My view of leadership is this: each of us has an inherent gift and must serve that gift to the world. You are a leader. You have power. Your gift is your power. You are in charge in your area of gifting, your domain. You have a leadership spot to fill and a function to carry out. Your gift determines that spot and that function. Just as the value of a terminal wire connected to a battery for power in a car is determined not by size or cost but by function (cause no matter how nice a car it is, if that little terminal is not connected to the battery, the car will not start!) your value is not determined by anything but your gift. Someone needs your gift, and you must serve it to the world. You also need the gifts others bear to live.

So who’s in charge? - You are!
 Who’s got the power? - Every one of us!


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