Healthy Living

Foundational Phase #3

While thinking about healthy living, there is a saying that articulates our body as a temple. Well, if we envision this structure literally, how would it stand? Tall and strong, a house made of bricks; great curb appeal but structurally fragile, a house made of sticks; or weak and collapsible, a house made of straw; it's precisely as simple as the three little pigs!

The question now is which character are you in the story?

It’s time to take our health to another level, regardless of your current temple structure. A continual habit formed of simple changes done over an extended period of time will get you there. So it’s the simple changes that need to be attained that are the question.

From nutrition to personal fitness, and even time management, these are just three among other critical points that need to be considered, assessed and conquered in order to establish a temple of glorious stature, strong, longstanding, and a beautiful testament to the will power of mankind when channeled towards beneficial results.

Dr. Myles Munroe stated in “The Healthy Life” by Cris C. Enriquez, M.D.:

My plans for my own life’s vision are projected fifty or more years into the future. Let us not sell ourselves—or our purposes in life short. I encourage you to integrate the practices of a healthy lifestyle into both your short- and long-range life goals. Don’t allow ignorance or apathy about your health to keep you from reaching your fullest purpose and potential possible.

A Question To Ponder:

Why is it that today doctors are paid a premium to write prescriptions, instead of educating the patient of cures to attack the source; not just band-aid the symptoms? This is the practice in the United States! Something is wrong with that picture. However, in some countries doctors get a bonus when their patients receive a clean bill of health!!

Here at Kingdom Success Marketing we will attempt to shed light on the various areas that will aid in the building and sculpting of a magnificent temple that will endure the overall stress of life and allow you to continue on at your maximum potential. So, apply the various suggestions made in this phase, because you will attain definite principles that are the core to a healthy lifestyle.

Therefore, let's begin with this question...

What's in every cell in your body, yet 98% of people are unaware of its existence, it has been recognized as, "The next best thing to the legendary "Fountain of Youth" proving anti-aging qualities, increasing our energy, decreasing various inflammation, including many more benefits all the way down to the cellular level!" So, What is it? Click here to find out, as we journey through awesome principles which lead to an exceptional healthy lifestyle! Let's Begin!


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