Foundational Phase #5

I would like to begin the branding phase by repeating some things that were said on our home page…

…Our goal is to empower you to be more successful, which we define as, how valuable you can become so others are willing to pay your price!

AGAIN, at Kingdom Success Marketing we help you create an environment to where you are working on building your own brand, representing yourselves, adding more value to today’s leaders and helping others as well as establishing a situation to where we can WORK SMARTER not HARDER!”  

Its time that we STOP being in bondage to our workplace, especially when they not only at the end of the day just care about profits, but also have little or NO REGARD FOR OUR TIME, FAMILY, and/or FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

It starts with branding and representing what we call, “YOU Inc.,” first and foremost! Putting ourselves in a position of value, then adding to others by providing the advice, products, and/or services that personally resonate with us!

Its time to activate our vision, increase our leadership, and grab hold of the responsibility to FREEDOM that is within us and actually inherent!

That’s what we’re here for! We teach “Kingdom Success,” and it entails dominating all those areas!

So to bring it back to the basics, we must ask the question; “What Exactly is Branding?”

One of Webster’s definitions of “brand” is – a class of goods identified as the product of a particular firm or producer; a distinctive kind.

Brand is the identity of a specific product, service, business, person or group, etc. and can take many different forms, including a name, sign, symbol, color combination, slogan and in terms of personal branding even go as far as clothing, appearance, a specific way of doing business and more.

According to Wikipedia, the word brand began simply as a way to tell one person’s cattle from another by means of a hot iron stamp. The word brand has continued to evolve to encompass identity, which affects the personality of a product, company, and/or service.

Therefore branding differentiates one product, service, business, etc. from another in an effort to connect subconsciously with prospects, establish customer loyalty, gain credibility, and create an edge over competitive brands in order to provide that which is being offered.

Hence, in this section we will teach you key principles in order to help you create and establish a brand that encompasses you! (your gifts, talents, products, services, etc) which will provide a vehicle to serve it to others while accomplishing your goals for the purpose of said brand.

Whether it is to provide income for your family or help build a non-profit organization that you support, you will be able to break the chains of trading your time for labor on someone else’s behalf to accomplishing heartfelt endeavors for the benefit of fulfilling your individual purpose and vision, while dominating in the areas of your gifts and talents!  

In this section we will cover various subjects such as:

      • Creating your brand
      • Your Unique Selling Proposition
      • Entrepreneurship
      • Network Marketing vs. Traditional Business
      • The Franchise Model
      • Automated Marketing Solutions
      • Utilizing the Internet
      • Conquering the Social Media Madness
      • Sales
      • Fortune in the Follow-Up
      • And MORE!!!

Now remember, All of this is in the name of adding more value to ourselves to where others are willing to pay our price! Thus, following the principles of attraction that delivers our market to us and our gift that is only ours to provide!

It is our gifts/talents that attract people, and we must serve it to them. Those who are to become great as leaders, are those who serve the most people with their gift, otherwise thought of as their "Brand!" So it is of the utmost importance to fulfill the laws of success when it concerns our brand, in order to accomplish the level of dominion in our area of gifting that is inherent! Because even if you make the best burger, that doesn't indicate that you will serve it to the most people! (Think McDonalds!)

Therefore, let us embark on the journey of creating, establishing, and/or maintaining our brand, in order to serve it, and attract the masses to us for what only we can provide; which again is, "Our Very Own Brand!"

So let the journey to your brand begin by beginning with a system that aids in the building of your brand and the attracting of individuals towards your brand! Start Here

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