Becoming A Leader

A Key To Unlocking Greatness


A time ago, there was an innocent impressionable orphan youth in the midst of a community of hard working immigrants, who by association becomes like the group in which he gathered among.  One day years later a conversation with each other about social status and monetary gain was the center of focus. They were seemingly stuck in the wheel of a low income bracket with a ball and chain of a 9-5 in one arm with debt in the other, and that was just how it was always going to be in their eyes.  It wasn’t until a sibling recognized and continuously questioned him to be sure of his identity, until he had a huge decision to make!

This sibling went on to tell him that they were separated from each other as a youth after the boat ride over to this country and he had been feverishly looking for him ever since. He let him know that he was from a line of great leaders and entrepreneurs and it was time for him to learn to become who he was already inside. It was time to cultivate the seeds of greatness that have been learned from his family’s past; as their ancestors were in a situation not too far from the one he was in at that moment.

You see he found out that he was like a lion living among a group of lions behaving like sheep. So his decision was to either continue living like a sheep or become fully who he was and embark into the unknown to become a lion or in his case, a LEADER!

He looked back, and looked forward, back and then forward again, after much thought he began to go with his sibling, and here is a glimpse of the lessons he learned:

You must first learn the Spirit of Leadership before Becoming a Leader!

The first underlying fact of the story above is that we are all like lions at birth, but are we behaving as a lion, or acting like a sheep? There is a leader inside of each of us, it is not reserved for a select few, or given by position or authority. True leadership is cultivated and earned through inspiration to gain influence.  The beginning of our inspiration is our purpose, which leads to a conviction, giving us passion!  Passion is a focused desire that surpasses limits, and when others see individuals embarking towards a purpose with such intensity they are instantly inspired!

Therefore, leadership begins with self-discovery which defines purpose and creates mental attitude! Attitude cannot be taught, but is fueled by purpose that creates the character of a leader!  The difference between a follower and a leader begin in the mind! A leader is more of who they are, than what they do, because who they are determines what they do! It’s all about attitude, some attitudes of a leader are; purpose and passion, initiative, goal setting, teamwork, discipline, persistence and more! Leadership is what we were born to do, however we are still required to endure the process to become a leader! Otherwise stated, we are born with the seeds of leadership, but to cultivate and grow those seeds we must water them with those keys attitudes which represent the spirit of leadership.

Next is the process of becoming a leader, which takes the Spirit of Leadership even further. Like a cocoon is to a butterfly, is the developmental stages to becoming a leader.

So let’s first look at the end result, which is the beautiful butterfly in all of its glory! Dr. Munroe states in His working definition of leadership that:

“Leadership is the capacity to influence others through inspiration, generated by a passion, motivated by a vision, birthed from a conviction, produced by a purpose.”

So in order to engage in the process of becoming a leader, Dr. Munroe’s definition includes the exact process that is required to develop into the butterfly that is leadership by conquering the steps of his definition in reverse!

Let’s take a closer look:

          • the identification of an inner perception of purpose is the cornerstone to the building of the leadership mandate
          • your said purpose will pilot you to a profound conviction concerning your accountability to this life and the world thereof
          • that conviction will materialize into an enlightened perspective of a desired state, which is defined as vision
          • when vision becomes apparent, it hatches into an intense passion, that when come into contact with infects others with inspiration
          • it is the hatching of the butterfly i.e. sprouting the wings of passion which inspires others that then takes flight in the form of influence which completes the  most important aspect of leadership and accomplishes its development!

Therefore in revisiting the previous steps, from “Are We Truly Free?” to “A Wealth of Potential,” we now are attaining an even more vivid reality of the importance of purpose and vision that builds the mandate of leadership that is inherently within us all waiting to be developed from birth to cocoon to the beauty of the butterfly, which is the fully realized leader that we are destined to be!

From  the “Ten Attitudes of a True Leader,” in the Spirit Of Leadership to the “Ten Essentials in the Development of a Leader” in Becoming A Leader, a further study into the key to unlocking greatness, which is leadership, is imperative! So let’s make the forthright decision to dive deeper into this crucial key to Kingdom Success which is: “Leadership!”


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3. "Who's In Charge? Is It You?"

4. A Wealth Of Potential

5. Becoming A Leader ( Back To Top)



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