About Us - Anhtuan Wynn & Naeem Johnson

Anhtuan Wynn

If I could only share one thing with you about me it would be that I have the passion and desire to Empower Mankind to fulfill their PURPOSE..."All Dreams can come true if we have the FAITH to pursue them." Therefore, let your WHY be so big that you cannot be distracted by foolishness!!!

Aside from that I'm building my Kingdom Business, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I am also grateful for the lifestyle, time, freedom and flexibility that my business brings me which enables me to spend quality time with my love ones. I am so thankful that GOD allows me time to serve others and see them succeed. I pride myself on providing leadership training, continuous mentoring, support, real time communication and being available to those I have the privilege to work with; people who will make a commitment to transform their lives for the better. "If I can help enough people to get what they want in life, I'll in turn reap what I sew."

The best thing about having my own business is the ability to serve my gift to others. The key is finding a PROVEN business model with KINGDOM Principles, simple enough for anyone to "Just Plug In!" If you make a commitment to yourself to succeed and be coachable, I will commit myself to helping you fulfill your VISION!!!

For me, it all started when I heard Dr. Myles Munroe now my Pastor, Teacher and Spiritual Father teach on Understanding and Maximizing your Potential where he said, "Your Future is NOT ahead of you, it’s within you!" And the rest, as the saying goes...is history. So Make Each Day Count!!! Are you ready to ROAR like a LION? If you are, I look forward to speaking with you soon, so TAKE ACTION NOW! And begin to walk in Faith with me.

Now, I'd like to invite you to watch the video below that changed my outlook on business and the way it is conducted, which benefits an individual tremendously towards the attainment of a Kingdom Success Lifestyle! I believe that it will have a great impact on you also!

Naeem Johnson

In summarizing my time here to date, I had to meditate on the various lessons I’ve learned and the essentials that make me who I am today! What it boils down to is a foundational six areas which comprise my continual education and implementation in order to live the life we were all inherent to live! That of true Kingdom Success! Hence, in taking up the mantle with my business partner, mentor, and friend Anthuan, sharing the areas of Personal Development, Relationships, Healthy Lifestyle, Wealth, Branding, and Leaving a Legacy was a no-brainer, due to these un-denying characteristics being the essence of who I am, and who I’m striving to be!


All In All

INSIDE YOU is a LEADER that you were made and destined to become! And it starts with adding value to the LEADER that you ALREADY ARE!

So take this journey with us as we share with you the various areas, principles, concepts, and systems that all cater to the Kingdom Success Lifestyle!

So again, let’s start by watching this video educating on business and begin the journey which is Kingdom Success Marketing!

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